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Cubic Zirconia Info


The most attractive part about any jewelry, is always those bright little sparkly stones that stand out so beautifully. No matter how abstract or quirky your jewelry design may be, its the stones that make the entire piece POP.

Here, you will find the Bauble + Scotch guide on the stones that we use, what works, and what just falls flat.

 Why is the cut of the stone so important?

A cubic zirconia, behaves a lot like a diamond, in that the amount of sparkle and radiance it exhibits depends on how much light can be reflected out of the stone. A good solid cut done professionally will create 58 perfect planes known as facets.
These facets, like mirrors, will reflect light to one another as the light enters the stone, thereby bouncing the light back and forth resulting in the colorful brilliance and sparkle you see.

In order to create 58 facets in the perfect proportion, the cubic zirconia we use adopts a very similar dimension as used in natural diamonds. This can be seen in the diagram above. It is very important to keep to the percentage proportions, otherwise, any slight disparity could mean loss in brilliance and sparkle.

The quality of the stone used is also of great importance. A high quality cubic zirconia will be able to last years, and with every polish and clean, will still exhibit dynamite brilliance. Many crystals and man-made faux diamonds on the market these days, tend to look extremely bright and superbly shiny but tend to fade off quickly and easily, and are unable to restore their sparkle subsequently. These are the lower grade of cubic zirconia stones used, and are relatively cheap. Many consumers tend to fall for the low price, superb sparkle at first sight, but quickly become disappointed after a few weeks when the stone starts to look like a cheap plastic rock.


All jewelry pieces that are embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones are set with AAA to AAAA graded Cubic Zirconia for high quality standards and aesthetic perfection. 

If you have more questions regarding the faux diamonds that we use, please feel free to email us at customerservice@baubleandscotch.com, or contact us via our Contact Us page.

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